The Billing endpoint allows you to have your add-on billed by Kounta. That is, a subscription to your add-on can be managed via the API, and the associated fees would be charged to the merchant as part of their regular billing cycle with Kounta.

You are able to create, update, and remove subscriptions to your add-on, as well as receive webhooks for billing related events such as payment attempts.

Get add-on subscription info

GET /v1/companies/5678/sites/123/billing Get add-on subscription info for a given site
  • plan relates to the plan they currently have with Kounta POS, and can be one of Lite, Paid, or Cancelled.

Create an add-on subscription

POST /v1/companies/5678/sites/123/billing Create an add-on subscription for a given site
  • All subscriptions are considered as recurring.
  • The first charge may be pro-rata so that future charges can align with monthly billing rate.
  • Plan IDs and pricing would need to be agreed and pre-configured by Kounta. Please email to discuss this.
  • The actual payment will happen async and a webhook will be sent about success/failure.

Update an add-on subscription

PUT /v1/companies/5678/sites/123/billing Update an add-on subscription for a given site
  • Handles plan upgrade/downgrade if you had multiple tiers, but not cancellation.

Cancel an add-on subscription

DELETE /v1/companies/5678/sites/123/billing Cancel an add-on subscription for a given site


Here is a list of the supported webhook topics.

Note: All webhooks would contain the full payload the same as the GET call above, including subscription and payment history.


Triggered when a new add-on subscription is created.


Triggered when an add-on plan change occurs.


Triggered when an add-on plan cancellation occurs.


Triggered when a payment attempt is made on an add-on subscription.