Payments (also called transactions) are financial transactions related to an order.

Add a payment to an order

POST /v1/companies/5678/orders/93824701/payments Add a new payment to an order
  • You don’t need to include a method_id if your application is an active payment method (configurable in Kounta by Lightspeed’s Add-ons page).
  • See Payment Methods for determining method_id values.
  • Use a negative amount to add a refund.

The URI returned in the Location header can only be used to update the payment, as GET and DELETE are not allowed on payments.

You may provide an optional tip.

Update a payment

This action allows you to add reference information or add/update a tip.

PUT /v1/companies/5678/orders/93824701/payments/1 Adding a reference to a payment
  • The 1 in the URI is the number of the payment (see get orders).
PUT /v1/companies/5678/orders/93824701/payments/1 Adding a tip to a payment

Since payments that are already created cannot have their prices modified, a new payment will be created with the amount of $0.00 and the tip amount.

You may add a reference and a tip in the same API call.