Sites are physical locations, such as outlets, offices etc, at which one or more Kountas will be used.

Get all sites

GET /v1/companies/5678/sites Get all sites
GET /v1/companies/5678/staff/me/sites Get sites for the authenticated staff member
GET /v1/companies/5678/staff/389427/sites Get sites for a given staff member

Get a site

GET /v1/companies/5678/sites/923 Get a site by ID

Update an existing site

PUT /v1/companies/5678/sites/923 Update an existing site
  • Set the image property to null to delete an uploaded image, or any valid, public URL to use an online image. See Images for how to upload site images directly to Kounta by Lightspeed.

Check the status of a site

A site will show status as online if at least one device is currently in use at the site. Otherwise it is offline.

GET /v1/companies/5678/sites/927/status Get the status for a given site

online_ordering is "online" by default, and will only show as "offline" if the site uses the Order Types add-on and has explicitly disabled online ordering, or your client as a specific ordering partner. This is usually done temporarily if the venue is overwhelmed with orders.

pass_thru_printing_register will only be returned if Pass-Thru Printing is enabled at the site, and is based on whether their default pass-thru printing register is online or offline.

Check status of all authorised sites

This endpoint will include the status for all sites that the current client has access to. A site ID will be shown as online if at least one device is currently in use at the site. Otherwise it will be shown as offline.

GET /v1/sites_status Get status for all sites

List of Webhooks

Here is a list of the supported webhook topics.


When a site is created. You will receive the complete site.


When a site is updated. You will receive the complete site after the modifications have been applied.

You also may provide the following attribute filters:

  • name
  • email
  • address - if either shipping_address or postal_address are updated.
  • image
  • price_list - only if the associated price list is changed, if the items on the price list itself are changed this will not trigger the webhook.

You can use an addon code as the attribute filter value to receive the webhook when the particular addon is enabled or disabled.
Currently, allowed add-ons are as below.

  • productavailability - Product availability
  • pass_thru_printing - Pass-thru printing

Updated add-on information will be under features property of the response body.


When a site is deleted. You will receive the complete site.


This webhook is only available to select Lightspeed ordering partners. Please contact Developer Support if you wish to have access.

When a site disables or enables online ordering on the POS you will receive the following payload:

  • online_ordering_disabled - if this site disables online orders accepting, it will be true.
  • prep_time - the prepare time will be given in minutes.