Each product will belong to one or more categories.

Get all categories

GET /v1/companies/5678/categories Get all categories
GET /v1/companies/5678/sites/6203/categories Get categories for a given site
GET /v1/companies/5678/products/92693/categories Get categories for a given product

Get a category

GET /v1/companies/5678/categories/8263 Get a category

Create a category

POST /v1/companies/5678/categories Create a new category
POST /v1/companies/5678/sites/6203/categories Create a category and add it to a site

Update a category

Use this action to rename a category or change its description or image.

PUT /v1/companies/5678/categories/8263 Update a category
  • See Images for adding/removing images to/from categories by upload.

Add/remove a product to/from a category

PUT /v1/companies/5678/categories/8263/products Add products to a category
DELETE /v1/companies/5678/categories/8263/products/789216 Remove a product from a category
  • You can’t add a variant product to a category or remove a variant from a category.
  • If you changed the categories for a variant template product, all the variant products associated with the variant template will be updated automatically.