Option Sets

Each product will be assigned with one or more option sets. Each option set can have one or more products as options.

Get all option sets

GET /v1/companies/53228/optionsets Get all option sets

Get an option set

GET /v1/companies/5678/optionsets/63 Get an option set
  • An option is a product, so you can find the product details from get a product action.
  • products_assigned indicates which products have this option set assigned to them.

Create an option set

POST /v1/companies/5678/optionsets Create an option set
  • The name and at least one option is required.
  • name must be no longer than 64 characters.
  • instructions allows option set selections to include one of the four prefixes: No, Extra, Only and On Side.
  • If instructions is not provided it will default to false.
  • min_selection and max_selection are both optional. They can be independently or both provided to limit the number of selections in an option.
  • If supplied, min_selection must be 0 or larger and an integer.
  • If supplied, max_selection must be 1 or larger and an integer. It must also be equal to or greater than min_selection if it is supplied.
  • options contains the products that will be the options.
  • A product_id must be provided with each option.
  • The product must be a valid existing product that is not a variant template.
  • If price_ex_tax is provided it will override the products price only when used as an option in this option set selection. If price_ex_tax is not provided it will use the company-level product price.
  • In all cases the price_ex_tax is set when the option is created (as part of option set creation). If the product price changes later the option will remain the same price.
  • The order in which the options are provided will reflect the order that they will appear on the POS.