Companies are businesses who use Kounta by Lightspeed at their points of sale. A company may have one or more registers running Kounta by Lightspeed on one or more sites.

Get a company

GET /v1/companies/5678 Get a company by ID
GET /v1/companies/me Get the authenticated company

Check the statuses of all sites

A site will show status as online if at least one device is currently in use at the site. Otherwise it is offline.

GET /v1/companies/5678/status Get the statuses for all sites

online_ordering is "online" by default, and will only show as "offline" if the site uses the Order Types add-on and has explicitly disabled online ordering, or your client as a specific ordering partner. This is usually done temporarily if the venue is overwhelmed with orders.

pass_thru_printing_register will only be returned if Pass-Thru Printing is enabled at the site, and is based on whether their default pass-thru printing register is online or offline.